Should CNA Training include a certification in phlebotomy as well

As we have argued on number of occassions, the job of a cna is an absolutely critical one in any hospital. Unfortunately it is looked upon as a job that does not invlove much skill though. While we do not agree with that view, the fact remains that the perception about CNAs most change for the payback from cna training to go up.

The job of a phlebotomist is something that CNAs should be able to easily handle. For those who do not know, a phlebotomist is a professional who draws blood from patients for testing purpose. No certification is necessary as per regulation. However getting a phlebotomy certification will definitely increase the chances of getting a job as phlebotomist.

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CNA certification : A road to better job prospects

CNA certification from a recognized institute before anyone starts to work as certified nursing assistant. I have time and again stressed upon the fact that the ever increasing demand for trained nurse assistants, means CNAs are never going to be out of demand in the job market. For quite some time the cost of cna certification prevented people from completing the course. However lately online cna training and free cna training programs have made it really easy to join and complete the certification necessary for working as a nursing aide.

Before enrolling for CNA Certification

Before you go ahead and enroll for a CNA certification program, please ask yourself if you are really interested in working as a CNA. I am aware that CNAs tend to get paid better than most other similar jobs. Please understand that this is because few people want to become a CNA when they groe up. Unlike most other jobs there is no external charm associated with the job of a CNA. However if you love helping people who are not able to take care of themselves, then a CNA certification is a must have for you.

Selecting an organization for CNA Certification

I have already discussed about points to check before joining a university for your certification in my post titled how to find the right cna training. Since CNA training is nothing but one of the steps for getting the ultimate certification, the same sets of points are applicable for selecting a university for getting CNA certification.

Points to remember to succeed in the CNA Certification

Joining an institute for CNA training is only the first step towards obtaining the required certification. Please remember to attend the classes regularly and keep going through the notes on a regular basis to avoid any last minute panic. The hands on practical training is at least as important as what you learn from textbooks. Always make sure to do the hands on practice assignments properly. Especially if you have enrolled for a online training, then talk to your local hospital to do the practice sessions on your own.

More about CNA Certification

I shall be updating this post as I keep adding new content to this post. So bookmark this page and make sure to visit it more often.

cna training in ct or cna training in Connecticut

CNA Training is the fastest way to become eligible to work as a certified nursing assistant. The CNA certification is state specific and hence you need to get the certification in the state in which you intend to finally work. Hence if you intend to work in  Connecticut then you need to join a CNA Training in CT.

Institutions offering CNA Training in CT

CNA Training in Connecticut is offered by nursing homes, hospitals, private care homes etc. Some of the leading institutions that offer CNA training include

  1. Westview Nursing Care Rehab Ce (860) 774-8574 150 Ware Road in Dayville
  2. East Hartford High School (860) 282-3200 869 Forbes Street, East Hartford Connecticut Training Centers (860) 291-9898 1137 Main Street, East Hartford Goodwin College- East Hartford (860) 528-4111 745 Burnside Avenue and East Hartford American Red Cross- East Hartford 860-761-0249 205 Burnside Avenue in East Hartford
  3. East Haven High School (203) 468-3254 35 Wheelbarrow Lane, East Haven Laurel Woods (203) 466-6850 451 North High Street in East Haven
  4. Enfield Adult Education (860) 763-7033 1264 Enfield Street in Enfield
  5. Jewish Home for the Elderly (203) 374-9461 175 Jefferson Street, Fairfield 3030 Park (203) 374-5611 118 Jefferson Street in Fairfield
  6. Falls Village Housatonic Valley Regional High Sch(860) 824-5123 246 Warren Turnpike Road
  7. Farmington Tunxis Community Tech College (860) 255-3675 271 Scott Swamp Road
  8. Meadowbrook of Granby (860) 653-9888 350 Salmon Brook Street
  9. Groton Regency (860) 446-9960 1145 Poquonnock Road
  10. Groton Robert E. Fitch High School (860) 445-7799 101 Groton Long Point School

I hope that information is good enough for you to select a school for CNA Training in CT. Please let me know in the comments if you need any specific information and I shall try my best to get you the required information.

cna training in CT

American red cross cna training program

I have already talked about statewise cost of red cross cna training on this blog. Recently I came across a really awesome article about red cross cna training on another blog. You can always read about the original article to learn about the benefits of red cross cna training. I am going to provide my own takeaways  from that article with the hope that you shall find it useful.

So what is red cross cna training

The red cross cna training is nothing but the cna training program provided by the different chapters of red cross. What makes it so popular is the extensive experience of

cna training online

CNA training is necessary if you are trying to be a certified nursing assistant. Do not worry if you are not able to attend a cna training program for some reason. You can always get your certification by enrolling for an online cna training program.

There are definite benefits of attending a cna training class. I am not trying to dispute that. In a cna class you get to learn from an experienced teacher who makes the process of learning the required skills really easy. Also it is easier to get your doubts clarified in a classroom setting. Attending a class is a great way to get introduced to like minded people which can do wonders to your social life as well.

All that is irrelevant if you find yourself unable to join a cna class either because of the high cost or because of rigid timing. If cost is the only problem then you may try to solve it by signing up for a free cna training program. Unfortunately there is no such solution if you are not going to be available during the class timings.

Online cna training proves to be a perfect fit for you in such cases. You need to pay a lower fee for online cna classes at least most of the time. Moreover these online classes allow you to learn at your own time in the convenience of your home. Please keep in mind that cna training is not about theoretical knowledge alone. You need to learn practical skills necessary to take good care of your patients. While streaming videos do help in learning the basics online, they do not come close to hands on practice. Hence if you enroll for an online cna training, then volunteer in a local hospital to do specific activities required in the course.

I am not suggesting that online cna training  is better than the traditional training methods. However if you are not able to attend a classroom for any reason, then still you can become a certified nursing assistant by learning the skills online.

Finding the right CNA Training Programs

CNA Training programs form an essential step to becoming a certified nursing assistant or CNA. Becoming a CNA is one of the easiest ways to find the illusive combination of job security and job satisfaction. CNAs work either in nursing homes as assistant to nurses or in private homes by providing care to patients who  are not able to take care of themselves.

The increase in demand for CNA training has resulted in increasing number of nursing homes and hospitals providing CNA training. Unfortunately that has made selection of the right CNA Training program really difficult and confusing. Both and professional needs need to be kept in mind while evaluating different CNA training programs.

An unambiguous  understanding of the requirements to become a certified nursing assistant is the first step in determining a suitable cna training program. CNAs are able to work only in the state in which they obtain their certification. The regulations regarding CNA certification varies from state to state. This post about cost and other details of red cross cna training is a good place to start your search for CNA training centers in your state.If you think, the cost of the cna training is too high for you, then you may do well to consider some of the free cna training programs being offered in your state. Make an excel sheet of all the CNA Training programs being conducted in your locality and record details such as cost, timing of the classes, number of hours of classroom training and practical training on the excel.

To be able to work as a CNA, your training program must meet the requirements of the state in which you plan to work. Additionally you need to adhere to the federal government requirements. Make a list of all these requirements. Now go through the excel sheet of cna training classes that you had prepared and start deleting any program that does not meet any of these reqirements.

Meeting the state regulation is a necessity but it is not enough. You need to ensure that your training prepares you for your future job  as a certified nursing assistant. A good way to figure out the quality of training is to talk to a few students of the training school that you are considering. Do not simply ask if the training was good or bad. Most people tend to think that their school was the best. Rather ask them about how difficult the job of aa cna is and how much of their learnings is used in their job. The answer will tell you a lot about the quality of training.

Talking to an admissions representative is another way of getting important information about cna training programs. Ask them for a tour of the school’s campus. Use this opportunity to talk to some of the current students and get a sense of who are the instructors who will be teaching you.

It is comparatively difficult to judge the quality of an online cna training program. We shall be writing a separate post for the same. Please remember that the quality of the CNA training will impact your job prospects and even your performance after you start working as well. Hence finding the right cna training program must be given adequate importance while planning for the training.

Statewise cost and other details of red cross cna training

The red cross CNA training is a cna training provided by the red cross in different states of America. Before we get into the details let me clear a myth about american red cross cna training that you might have heard of. The cna training program by red cross is not free. If you came here looking for free CNA training, then you will be better off going through my other post about free CNA training.

Let us get down to the details about the red cross cna training programs. These training programs are offered by different state chapters of the Red Cross present in the USA. At last count the training was available in as many as 36 states. Except for the name there is hardly any commonality between the training offered by these different chapters of the Red Cross.

For example the Red Cross CNA Training in Pennsylvania runs for 4 weeks, offers day courses alone and is completed in 4 weeks time. It costs $1,400. On the other hand the Red Cross CNA Training in Georgia offers both day and evening classes. Day classes run for 3 weeks while evening classes go on for 6 weeks time. The program is a lot more lighter on your wallet as it costs only $660. More details about various red cross CNA training offered in different states can be found on this page.

Why should you join a red cross cna training program?

Most of the training programs run by these chapters of red cross may tend to be a little more expensive than classes offered by local institutions. However these institutions have a reputation for providing well trained CNAs for a number of years. As a result attending a red cross cna training is likely to increase your chances of getting a good job.

Last but not the least, the quality of training will impact your job performance for the rest of your life. Do your homework and talk to some past students. If you are convinced about the quality of training, then do not let a few hundred dollars deter you from joining one of these training programs.

Some useful tips to find free cna training

Free CNA training classes are highly popular with most of the people in the US looking for a CNA Training. I have been visiting several forums like this CNA jobs forum looking for an inspiration for my next blog post and I was amazed to see the number of people inquiring about free cna training in their respective states. Initially I thought of answering some of the questions on the forum itself. But then I realized that it will not be possible for me to answer all the questions manually. Hence I thought I will do a blog post about how I would have gone about finding free cna training. Hope at least some of you find this post useful.

The problem with looking for free CNA training online

Most of the methods, that I mention below, require a lot more work than simply asking for the information on an online forum like above. I am sure you shall get a number answers as well. However the problem with this method is that it is just too easy. Hence a lot more people are watching the thread that you have started and as soon as an answer is there, the school is going to have a huge queue of people trying to enroll for the free training.

Free CNA training in your local nursing homes

Last I checked the federal government was offering incentives to health care employers to encourage skills development of their employees. The scheme included the certified nursing assistants as well. Hence many nursing homes allow some people to attend the CNA training classes for free. One of the conditions for the same is that you shall have to work for them for a certain period of time after getting your certification.

So start your search for free cna training by getting a yellow book of your locality. Start calling up all nursing homes and hospitals that are offering CNA training classes and ask them if they have any scheme similar to the above. I am confident you shall get one.

Free CNA training through scholarships

Many schools and military organizations offer free CNA training as a scholarship to the bright students. In case of a school, you are not required to pay the fee. In some other cases you might have to pay the fee initially but it is reimbursed later. Creating a google alert for target terms is a great way to ensure that you get to know whenever there is any such offer.

Ask your employer to sponsor your training to become CNA

If you have been working at some place for sometime, then you may ask your employer if he/she will want to sponsor your training program. You get to improve your skill without leaving the job and they get a better skilled employee for a nominal expense. It is a win win situation for both.

I hope I have been able to help you in finding a free CNA training. If you still have some query, let me know in the comments and I shall try my best to answer them.

CNA Training as a way to get job security

CNA Training seems to be one of the few avenues left for getting that all illusive target called job security. Lest my post be misunderstood, let me clarify that I do not mean any contractual job security being promised by CNA training. Rather what I mean is practical job security.

In this post I shall be discussing the following points in detail

  • What is CNA and CNA training
  • How to decide if you should join a CNA training class
  • How can CNA training provide a job security even when the mighty wall street banks are not able to do so

What is CNA and CNA training

CNA is an acronym for Certified Nursing Assistant. These are the people who assist the nurses in taking care of patients especially the ones that are not able to take care of themselves. The job is not a glorious one, unless you get some inner happiness out of helping helpless people. As a CNA you shall be required to assist patients to do their daily chores like bathing, brushing the teeth etc and you will help them in moving into the wheelchair etc. Additionally a certified nursing assistant is required to take vital signs like blood pressure, body temperature of the patient and inform the nurse if there is any aberration.

To be able to work as a CNA, most states in the United States require the person to have undergone certain mandatory training and obtained a CNA certification. This mandatory training that prepares candidates for the CNA certification is referred to as CNA training. Please keep in mind that the certification is mandatory. While some states insist on a minimum training hour, many do not insist on one. Hence it may be possible for you to go through the mandated books on your own, pass the certification examination and become a CNA.

How to decide if you should enroll for  CNA training

As I mentioned earlier, the job of a CNA is not exactly enjoyable or anything. Unless you have an attitude to help others, the repetitiveness of the job can wear you down really bad. Hence I shall recommend anyone to join  the certified nursing assistant training program only if you are confident that you shall like the job. Patience and respect for others are other two critical requirements of being a successful CNA. If you have these basics right, other things shall fall into place. I will not be too worried about them.

How does CNA training ensure job security

I think most job losses happen because of cyclical nature of the service being rendered. When there were a lot of mergers and acquisitions happening, a large number of investment bankers were required. In the recession the number of mergers and acquisitions went down, resulting job loss for the investment bankers.

Unlike MA decissions, people can not spend a lot of money just because they are rich or cut back from it because of reduction in earnings. Hence the basic health care market tends to be quite stable. Additionally as the American population ages, there is an ever increasing demand for CNAs. Add to that the fact that not many people are trying to be a CNA and you shall understand my confidence in the CNA training to get job security for me.

What are your views about CNA training? Let me know in the comments.